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Product Description
THE BUNDLE OF A LIFETIME! Purchase this complete set to enjoy everything that Zapata Racing has to offer.

Released in August 2015, the JetPack by ZR has already dominated Hydro Water Sports by allowing users to enjoy a seated flight. The features of this innovative equipment include:

  • Increased Hydrodynamic efficiency by 32%
  • A design that’s weight falls 50 pounds below competing products
  • Steering controls placed below the user’s arm to allow for maximum mobility
  • 5 point harness designed by the International Automobile Federation

The 2015 Flyboard Pro Series’ sleek design is a treat on it’s own. By constructing a Flyboard that uses plastic injection and carbon fiber, it weighs 30% lighter and offers the rider an experience with less water resistance and more strength than the V3 Flyboard Legend. Loaded with independent twisting foot pads, this innovative design by Zapata Racing allows riders to adjust the degree of twist to their experience and comfort level. The foot pads aren’t the only thing that are adjustable, either. Look forward to enjoying adjustable nozzles that have also been made smoother to allow you increased efficiency. 

Carve across the water on your Hoverboard, which gives you the ability to extract power from a PWC and slice through the water. Let the Silver Surfer side come out of you as you use this wakeboard-like device to hop wakes and become airborne through water propulsion.

Your Jet Ski®, One System, Four Flying Devices


Unlock the power to fly! Initial installation takes 1-1.5 hours and then you can use your personal water craft as a hydroflight power house. The mechanics are simple and once you have an adaptor kit and hose you can connect to any one of Zapata’s hydroflyers in seconds.


Your PWC

Nearly all models of PWC are compatible with our HydroFlyers. Install and get flying.

Adapter Kit & Hose

Water expelled from the PWC is harnessed and channelled to the hydroflyer.


The hydroflyer directs the flow to give lift. The adaptor kit and hose connects with all of Zapata’s hydroflyers.

Ready to Fly

You’re all connected. Now you can fly!

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