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Flyride: The Flying Personal Watercraft
The Zapata Flyride™ is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and offer new thrills for extreme riders. It achieves this by combining the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with Zapata’s latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization - the same technology developed for Zapata’s groundbreaking Flyboard Air™ and EZ-Fly™ jet powered craft.

A New Class of Hydroflyer
Flyride™ is the flying personal watercraft featuring the all new EZ-Flight Control System™. It represents a unique convergence of recreation, extreme water sports and Zapata’s exclusive hydroflight control technology. This makes Flyride™ the first hydroflyer to integrate the ease and power of electronic stabilization. From easy to extreme, Flyride™ brings the thrill of flight to everyone.

Featuring the all new EZ-FCS™
Zapata has made history in the world of personal aviation with the development of advanced stabilization systems utilized in the groundbreaking Flyboard Air™ and EZ-Fly™ personal aviation platforms. Zapata will now change the world of recreational water sports by applying that same technology to hydroflight. This convergence of Zapata’s engineering and software innovation is what will set Flyride™ and Zapata apart from its imitators and bring the joy of hydroflight to wide audiences.

Colors : Stealth Gray / Zapata Red


Intelligent Flight Assistance   

  • Gyroscopic balance assistance.
  • Assisted throttle and elevation control.
  • Assisted take-off function.
  • Barrel rolls at the push of a button!
Multiple Flight Modes  
  • Child Mode (5 and up)*
  • Beginner Mode
  • Intermediate Mode
  • Advanced Mode
*Child mode allows an adult to remotely control the Flyride™ using a wireless EMK (sold separately)
  • Speed Max 35 kph / 22mph
  • Length 172 cm / 68 in
  • Height 90 cm / 35 in
  • Width 75 cm / 30 in
  • Weight (Dry) 33 kg / 72 lb
  • Weight Capacity 200 kg* / 440 lbs*
  • Battery Life 7 hours
  • Wireless Control EMK remote built in
  • Recommended Ages 6 and up
*On a 300 HP personal watercraft
  • Personal Watercraft 155 HP to 400 HP
  • EMK Brain Version 1 or 2
  • Battery & Charger 8000 mAh
  • Connector PWC Connection Kit
  • Hose Compatible with all Zapata brand hoses
Handles Like a Flying Jet Ski 
  • One look at the Flyride™ and there is not much mystery to how it operates. It’s similar to a personal watercraft, except it has added controlls for going up and down. Turn the handlebars and you’ll bank left and right just as you would on a bike, motorcycle or jet ski.
Self Balancing
Using Flyride™ is trully easier than riding a bike because it’s doesn’t require the rider to maintain balance. Anyone can do it. Internal sensors and electronics make continuous micro-adjustments to keep the Flyride™ level and steady, even when riders shift their weight.
Take Off & Land on the Beach
Most hydroflyers require users to float in open water to safely take off and operate. With Flyride™, users can choose the convenience to launch or land onto a beach or ocean level dock. An assisted take-off function gets any rider up in the air in seconds.
Supports Up to Two Riders
Hydroflying no longer has to be a solo experience. Flyride™ harnesses the power of your personal watercraft to support up to 200 kg / 440 lb of weight, using a 300 HP PWC. You can take turns driving, or just hang on. Flyride™ brings shared riding to hydroflight.
Wireless Ready
The Flyride™ is wireless ready and comes with a Zapata Wireless EMK Transmitter built into its handlebars. With an EMK Brain (sold separately) installed on a PWC, the Flyride™ remotely manages the throttle and can even start and stop the engine.
Automated Barrel Rolls!
Extreme is still in Zapata’s DNA and Flyride™ packs a super move that will take you for a spin. Introducing automated rolls at the hit of a button. When a flyer is at the required height, an automated barrel roll stunt maneuvre becomes available. Hit it and hang on!
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