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High performance Hypoid Gear oil recommended for motorcycle shaft drives/final drives. Also suitable for most manual gearboxes and steering units. SAE 80W, SAE 90 (or SAE 80W-90).SPECIFICATION : API GL-4 or API GL-5 ..
An advanced, high melting point, synthetic racing grease, PRO RG2 is a multi-functional, high performance grease with exceptional heat resisting and water-proofing properties. PRO RG2 has outstanding water repellence, excellent corrosion inhibition properties and high resistance to water wash-off, m..
Latest Technology providing increased power and optimum engine protection for improved long term performance and reliablility. SCOOT SPORT 4 5W-40 offers excellent stay-in-grade performance over a wide temperature range with outstanding anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics.SPECIFICATIONAPI S..
Scoot 4 10W-40SUPER SEMI SYNTHETICMC-Syn Technology protects engine and transmission with advanced additive chemistry from start to full power. SCOOT 4 10W-40 provides exceptional anti-corrosion and antiwear performance, even under extreme temperature conditions. Ideal for use in all modern high per..
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